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At the intersection of top-tier karting, sports management, and bioperformance innovation, we're more than just a normal Karting team; we're about shaping leaders with skill and character. Embark on a journey of racing and personal excellence with us, where passion, resilience, and teamwork drive us forward. Begin your transformation from a driver into a world champion today with DPK Racing | Americas!

Our Drivers


Marco Romero

Nationality: Venezuelan

Category: KA 100 Junior, ROK GP Junior Team: DPK Racing | AmericasHighlights: 2023 Skusa Vice Champion


Max Mokarem

Nationality: Lebanese & USA

Category: KA 100 Junior, X30 Junior Team: DPK Racing | AmericasHighlights: 2023 NKC Fall Nationals Champion                       2023 National Rotax Grand Finals 3rd 

Hector iturriaga karting driver from Mexico at Texas Sprint Racing Series

Hector Iturriaga

Nationality: Mexico 

Category: KA 100 JuniorTeam: DPK Racing | Americas


Headquarters: Asturias, Spain. 


Founded in 2012, DPK Racing, led by the Rodriguez brothers, has grown from a passionate venture into a top global karting team. With countless European, national, and regional titles, plus two CIK-FIA Karting World Championships, their dominance is unmatched. Tied closely to Fernando Alonso Kart, DPK excels in nurturing young talent and competing fiercely across Spanish, Italian, and Global championships. Their unbreakable bond and dedication to karting drive their ongoing success.

Headquarters: Fort Lauderdale, Florida. 


Renowned for its commitment to producing high-performance karts that consistently secure victories on the track. The team distinguishes itself by manufacturing its chassis and components in Italy, utilizing advanced technologies and superior materials. The assembly of the BENIK Kart takes place in their Florida-based factory, where meticulous finishing processes are employed to ensure each kart is race-ready.
Beyond their focus on top-tier equipment, Team Benik places significant emphasis on driver development. They implement personalized coaching methods to train all Benik drivers, allowing each individual to progress and achieve their personal best on the racecourse.

Headquarters: Madrid, Spain. 


MSi Bio Performance specializes in advancing elite athletes' physical and mental capabilities. Their state-of-the-art facility integrates innovative training, injury recovery, and nutrition planning, focusing particularly on racing development.
MSI is committed to enhancing athletes' skills, resilience, and team dynamics. Their unique approach also includes astronaut conditioning, emphasizing holistic wellness and longevity. MSi represents the intersection of top-tier talent and pioneering science for supreme sports performance.

Headquarters: Dallas, Texas. 


Driven is a dynamic company comprising seasoned marketers and sports management professionals, delivering unparalleled human experiences. Operating across three verticals—Performance Agency, Performance Management, and Performance Products—the company offers strategic marketing solutions, specialized sports management services, and high-quality products for the Automotive and Motorsport Market.
With a commitment to guiding clients towards success and a passion for excellence, Driven invites individuals to join their team and collectively redefine performance.

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