DPK Racing | Americas is Born: A New Chapter in Karting on the American Continent 

United States, January 16, 2024 — We are pleased to announce the creation of “DPK Racing | Americas", a team that promises to raise the standards of karting across the American continent.
This new venture includes strategic collaboration with Team BENIK, DPK Racing | Europe, MSI Bio Performance, and DRIVEN | Performance Marketing. This collective effort will strengthen each aspect of the team and establish unique synergy, positioning DPK Racing as a prominent competitor in the global karting landscape.
DPK Racing | Europe, the official team of Fernando Alonso Kart and a two-time world karting champion, will lead the development, sporting, and technical aspects.
DRIVEN will boost the visibility and presence of DPK Racing in America, attracting the attention of drivers, sponsors, and investors.
MSI Bio Performance will provide a comprehensive approach to the physical, nutritional, and mental development of the drivers.
TEAM BENIK will contribute its robust technical operation and expertise, ensuring high-level performance of the drivers and team.
DPK Racing | Americas aims to become a benchmark in regional karting, starting in the United States in the Junior and Senior categories at major SKUSA, USPKS, ROK, ROTAX, and other national and regional events, with plans for expansion across America.
Pablo Rodríguez, Director of DPK Racing:"We recognize the potential of the American karting market and we are excited to join this project with DRIVEN, BENIK, and MSI BioPerformance. We will bring our experience to create a strong team, with a work methodology aligned with our objectives and values in Europe, creating a two-way ladder between America and Europe, with the goal of shaping future champions."
Nick Mitchell, General Manager of Team BENIK:“We are thrilled to be part of this project, representing a new era in American karting. Our collaboration will extend our experience in Mini and Micro to Junior and Senior categories. This involves integrating our technical operation and expertise for the team's development, marking a milestone in our growth and contribution to continental karting and ladder to our drivers in international races."
Emil Ventura, General Manager of MSi Bio Performance:"At MSI Bio Performance, we are happy to join forces with DPK, DRIVEN, and Benik. This project marks a new, unique, and professional approach to karting on the American continent, and we're proud to contribute to the expansion of something that started in our country, Spain. We will mainly support the physical, mental, and cognitive aspects, which are crucial in preparing drivers to effectively achieve their professional goals."
Max Martinis, Executive Director of DRIVEN | Performance Marketing:"At DRIVEN, we are excited to launch this global project, where we will enhance the strengths of leading companies like DPK, BENIK, DRIVEN, and MSI Bio Performance. Our goal is to form a specialized, solid, and multidisciplinary niche team in motorsport, with a 360 approach to the development of our drivers. The project will start in the United States with plans to expand throughout America."
The first official driver for DPK Racing | Americas will be confirmed this week; please stay tuned on the social media of DPK Racing, DRIVEN, MSI BioPerformance, and Team BENIK.
For more information on joining the team, sponsorships, collaborations, and investments, visit our website at, visit the BENIK tent, or contact Marks Granados, Managing Director of DRIVEN, at moc.msnevird%40sodanarg.skram or +1(945)542-0530.
Photographic material can be downloaded from the following this link.

**DPK Racing | Europe: Two-Time World Champions and Official Team of Fernando Alonso**As two-time CIK-FIA World Karting Champions in 2022-2023 and the official team of Fernando Alonso, DPK Racing | Europe, will bring its experience and knowledge as technical support for the team and the prestigious brand behind it.
**DRIVEN | Performance Marketing: Driving the Global Strategy**The global management and marketing agency, DRIVEN, will play a crucial role in marketing strategy, public relations, and driver management for the team. Their international experience will be key in projecting the image of DPK Racing | Americas across the American continent and their drivers internationally.
**MSI Bio Performance: Leaders in Physical, Psychological, and Nutritional Development**World leaders in physical, psychological, and nutritional development, MSI Bio Performance, will offer their expertise in BIO-performance support for the team. Their innovative approach will benefit DPK | Americas performance and sustainable driver development.
**Team Benik: Dominating Karting in the USA**Benik Kart, known as the dominant team in the Mini and Micro categories in the United States, will bring its vast experience and technical operation to enhance DPK | Americas' performance. Benik Kart's solid track record in American karting will be a fundamental pillar for the team's success.

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