A First-Hand Taste of Kart Racing: An Interview with DRIVEN

Want to know what goes on inside of the mind of a regional go-kart driver right at ground zero but don't know who to ask?
If you are a beginner or intermediate when it comes to go-kart racing, then seeing inside of a semi-pro go-kart racer’s mind can be extremely useful. This is a chance to not just analyze what aspects of a race they focus on, but to also emotionally connect with their experience and identity as a karting professional.
Our team at DRIVEN Performance was lucky enough to catch this glimpse into a driver’s perspective at the Texas Sprint Racing Series (TSRS) midsummer mashup in Odessa, Texas. After an outdoor karting race, DRIVEN’s founder Max Martinis managed to perfectly encapsulate some key parts of the racing experience.
Summary of the Interview: Max was discussing his experience at the TSRS summer mashup in Odessa, Texas. The weather was extreme, with dry and dusty conditions causing sandstorms and making it difficult to find traction.
Max participated in the category LO206-Heavy and he qualified P2 before having an accident in one of the heats and coming back to finish P2 on the main event. His teammate Curt Goodson in the category L0206-Senior also had a good weekend, finishing P3 overall. DRIVEN, being a sponsor of the series, launched a race driving school which received a lot of interest, helping to develop future professional drivers as well as helping the drivers in dominating the current season.  
DRIVEN team Take on the Go-Karting ExperienceInterviewer: So Max and Curt, what do you make of the action you saw today on the track?
Max: “The TSRS in Odessa, Texas, was a unique experience. Unlike regular karting tracks, this one's an old rental kart track with a twisty layout that make you drive in a different way, since the track has many alterations, cracks and bump. The weather was wild too – Odessa's scorching heat and sandy surroundings meant traction came and went with sandstorms. It was a thrilling and challenging race weekend, unlike any other.
Curt: “TSRS Odessa was a very fun race, I loved the track, it’s different and very slick short track, that fits my driving.”
Interviewer: How demanding was the race? Did you get the results that you hoped for?
Max: "The race pushed our bodies and karts to their limits. I secured P2 in qualifying. Despite a collision that briefly dropped me to P6 in the second heat, I battled back to P4. In the third heat, I finished strong at P2. The main race was intense; I clinched P2 by just 0.05 seconds (Picture below). Noah Murphy took P1, while Mikayla Bradley earned P3.
Teammate Curt Goodson also shone, marking his first podium in a Regional race. He qualified 4th in the highly competitive L0206-Senior, then secured P3 in the main event. A great experience for us at DRIVEN as the series sponsors.”
Curt: “My improvement as a driver was substantial; I have learned a lot over the past year, mainly on wheel-to-wheel racing, keeping positions, smoother driving, and emotional intelligence. The qualifying went well – I took P4. Then in Heats 1, I finished P5, P2, and P3 subsequently. In the main event, I secured P3, with Samuel Jung taking P1 and Bryce Frank P2. In general, it was a great weekend. I loved the track and can't wait to come back next year.”
Interviewer: What else can you say about the TSRS Midsummer Mashup?
Max: In terms of our commercial focus, our primary goal was the launch of our DRIVEN | MSI - racing camp to the market. We were thrilled to witness a substantial level of interest, and we're hopeful that a significant number of these enthusiastic individuals will take the step to enroll in our program. This aspect holds great significance for us at DRIVEN, as it directly contributes to the ongoing advancement of aspiring professional drivers. Moreover, it plays a pivotal role in nurturing the karting careers of those drivers who showcased remarkable dominance throughout the season.

The Mindset of a Karting ProfessionalThrough the growth in interest for the various DRIVEN-sponsored racing events and camps, our team has more and more opportunities to connect with other go-kart racers who are excellent examples for anyone coming through the ranks. The driver’s professional attitude when analyzing the race, the track conditions, and their team’s performance shows a keen attention to detail and calmness common in many motorsport professionals.
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● Adaptability and Resilience: The Pillars of a Go-Kart Racer
Despite impeccable preparation, racers often confront unforeseen challenges, from technical glitches to unforeseen accidents. Yet, the hallmark of a great racer isn't merely their skills but their tenacity in the face of setbacks. Embracing resilience, they perceive every challenge as a learning curve, ensuring that adversities morph into stepping stones for future races.

In your go-karting journey, you will also likely face challenges and unforeseen surprises that will offer a learning opportunity. The racing mindset embraces this and stays persistent with the final goal in mind.

● Steering Ahead
The world of go-kart racing is an intricate balance of skill, strategy and spirit. By understanding and nurturing these qualities, one can truly master the art of racing. The key to all three is remaining perseverant, embracing challenges, and setting goals to improve on as you gain more experience. Let every lap be a journey of self-discovery and relentless pursuit of excellence.

To get in touch with a racing professional who can help guide you in racing psychology and more, reach out to the DRIVEN Performance team and connect with the professionals.

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● Straight-Line Braking: To avoid skidding, brake before you turn while still driving straight, not during a turn.● Turn Late: A kart's quick response means you should initiate turns a bit later than in cars.● Ride the Momentum: Find that sweet spot between speed and control to ensure your kart runs smoothly without over-braking.Seat Adjustments: Move closer to the front of the kart for better weight distribution and improved handling.● Always Look Forward: With the low elevation of a go-kart, it's crucial to keep an eye on the track in front of you.● Turn Smoothly: Rather than braking through a turn, maintain consistent acceleration through turns for efficient laps and accurate cornering.
At the heart of it all, go-karting is about building confidence and loving the rush while prioritizing safety. With these strategies, you will be on track for a captivating karting adventure.
For more on taking the next step in your go-karting journey, check out the various lines of DRIVEN karting wear, and feel free to contact our team for everything you need regarding go-karting.
Enjoy the ride!

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